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Webinar: Perfecting Your Lone Working Policy: An Essential Guide to Safety and Success

Join us on October 4th at 11am for an engaging webinar all about perfecting your lone working policy. Explore the essential guide to enhancing safety and success for lone workers, featuring insights, practical tips, and resources to ensure comprehensive protection in today's evolving work landscape. Read More

Webinar: A practical approach to health and wellbeing – measure and change your culture

In this webinar, you’ll learn why we need to take a holistic approach to Wellbeing, Health & Safety to truly change workplace culture Read More

Normative patterns in a culture of safety

Dom Cooper on different 'norms' and how they exist in a culture of safety. Read More

How Intelex Supports Safety Culture from the Front Lines

A proactive safety management system should have a single purpose: to keep workers safe. This report will examine how frontline workers can use Intelex to support a proactive safety management system. Read More

Webinar: Implementing culture change: The successes and challenges

In this webinar, you’ll hear from leaders who’ve undertaken culture change programmes and the successes and challenges they’ve experienced along the way. Read More

Webinar: The five elements of a successful data-driven safety culture

Join this webinar to explore safety culture and the phases of the culture journey, learn which key data centers every practitioner should know about. Read More

‘There’s a move to be more impactful’: IIRSM President, Ruth Denyer speaks to SHP on her time in the industry

Ahead of EHS Congress, taking place at the Estrel Congress Center in Berlin this week, SHP catches up with President of IIRSM Ruth Denyer. She is also a director of production health and safety at Netflix and has been reflecting on her 25 years in the industry. Read More

Angela Asks: Chris Newson from Make UK

Chris Newson from Make UK discusses challenges in health & safety in the manufacturing sector, what he sees on the horizon and his reasons for exhibiting at our event next week. Read More

Influencing at board level (to achieve the right culture)

SHP hears from Mike Stevens, CEO of Praxis42 on ways to confidently lead conversations at board level to drive safety culture objectives... Read More

SHP PODCAST: Encouraging the next generation into health and safety

In this episode, we speak to Darren Ford, Head of Learning and Development at Arco, on inspiring and encouraging the next generation into health and safety. Read More

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How Intelex Supports Safety Culture from the Front Lines

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